Der Aufbau unserer neuen A-Jugend – Es fing alles wie im Märchen an!

– Ein Bericht von Trainer Sven Schultz –

At the beginning of 2016 it became known that the ISV09 wants to build up an A-youth – but up to this point there was no coaching staff for this plan yet. There was the question: Should it be a coach from his own ranks?

Since I have been working with FC Itzehoe for five years and have been very successful with my e-youth, my name quickly came into play. I was able to present the necessary courses and trainings. Because of my 10 years of experience in the train business, I was already talking to Hamburg at this time and had very interesting prospects there. Ultimately, however, I decided to go to my youth club, where I played at a young age.

That is why I said yes to the plan to build a new A youth. Volker Bernsee and Ronald Pachaly had already worked diligently and offered me their full support. Through happy circumstances, Erwin Schultz also came into the picture – a real icon from old Lägerdorfer times. With his presence and experience, the sporting and, above all, human connection was expressed for me. Timo Sievers, the third in the league and an old friend from FC times, also spoke for us – so the coach team was complete.

Now it was said to win players, which initially started rather slow. Through a circuit in the Rundschau and through oral propaganda the interest grew however gradually. Suddenly they came, the boys! We had many conversations and could with our quality and of course our fantastic place. In addition, we were fortunate that the football refugee project of the RBZ, initiated by Michael Brucherseifer, found his home on our pitch at Lehmwohld.

With the help of interpreters, we have approached some of the boys and won for our A youth. A special thanks to Erwin Schultz and Holger Matthias, who took great care of passporting. The ride for the guys is carried out by my wife and second chairman Birgit Schultz.

After the first few months, we can conclude that we have a great and talented team in the A youth! My coach coaches and I have to form a team from the players, of course, but we are on a very good path and have now found the positions and the game system.

And the best for the end: We can start in the Kreisliga!

Die A-Jugend 2016


Hintere Reihe v.l.n.r.: Faisal, Sven Schultz, Co-Trainer Justin. Vordere Reihe v.l.n.r.: Maximilian, Eray, Ali Kaan, Kevin, Zakavia, Maximilian W., Iven, Luca, Linus, Felix. Das war unsere Mini-EM 2016! Wir sind 4. geworden, von 24 Mannschaften aus ganz Schleswig-Holstein.


Unser Kader:

Sven Schultz. Trainer ISV 09 / MTV Itzehoe TSV Heiligenstedten FC Itzehoe ISV
Timo Sievers. Co Trainer SV Lohbarbek, FC Itzehoe ISV
Erwin Schultz. Torwart Trainer/ Betreuer TSV Lägerdorf, ISV
Ahmed Elkaddouri
Arne Kloss. Steinburg 09, Oelixdorfer Schützen
Besart Shala. Sportfreunde Itzehoe
Blerim Isufi. Edendorfer SV
Butrint Rexehpaj. Steinburg 09, FC Itzehoe, VFR Neumünster
Faisal Kamaluddin. Akademie Of Football, U 15 Afghanistan
Gennaro Boccardo Hamburger SV, Edendorfer SV
Gero Willmann. Steinburg 09, Oelixdorfer Schützen
Jan Schädel. Oelixdorfer Schützen
Jannic Maruhn. Oelixdorfer Schützen, Steinburg 09, Heider SV
Julian Schilke. SC Hohenaspe, SG Breitenburg
Justin Rehberg. SG Wilstermarsch
Kamo Chanlarov. Oelixdorfer Schützen Steinburg 09
Lennart Manuel Sanchez. TSV Heiligenstedten Marne
Mario Lorenz. FC Itzehoe, Oelixdorfer Schützen
Marvin Ahrens. FC Itzehoe
Maximilian Bach. FC Itzehoe
Mohammadin Mehrabi. Afghanistan
Nikita Rube. Edendorfer SV
Oskar Czoska. Steinburg 09
Sajjad Alizadeh. Afghanistan
Thorben Matthias. SG Breitenburg
Tolga Ozedimir. Hamburger SV, FC Itzehoe, SG Breitenburg